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For Millennials, Life Insurance Can Be a Bargain Not to Miss

Mar 05, 2018
Most people, but especially young people, overestimate the cost of life insurance, a study found, and a large portion of people in their 20s and…
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A Look At HSA’s

Feb 28, 2018
Why do higher-income households inquire about Health Savings Accounts? They have heard about what an HSA can potentially offer them: a pool of tax-exempt dollars…
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Understanding Inherited IRAs

Feb 26, 2018
At first glance, the rules surrounding inherited IRAs are complex. Here are some questions (and potential answers) to consider if you have inherited one or…
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Why Life Insurance Will Always Matter in Estate Planning

Feb 22, 2018
Every few years, predictions emerge that the estate tax will sunset. Even if it does, that will not remove the need for life insurance in…
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The Retirement Mindgame

Feb 20, 2018
What kind of retirement do you think you’ll have? Qualitatively speaking, what if the success or failure of your retirement begins with your perception of…
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Keeping This Correction in Perspective

Feb 13, 2018
Are you upset by what is happening on Wall Street? It may help to see this pullback within a big-picture context. Corrections have become so…
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The Dow Dropped. Do Not Drop Out of the Market.

Feb 09, 2018
On February 5, the Dow Jones Industrial Average took an unprecedented fall. The benchmark dropped 1,175 points, and it was down 1,500 points at one…
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What Do You Have In Reserve for 2018?

Jan 31, 2018
How much does the average American household have in the bank? Last year, a GoBankingRates poll discovered that 57% of U.S. households had less than $1,000…
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Tax Deductions Gone in 2018

Jan 29, 2018
Are the days of itemizing over? Not quite, but now that H.R. 1 (popularly called the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act) is the law, all…
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Retirement Questions That Have Nothing to Do With Money

Jan 25, 2018
Where will you live? This is a major factor in retirement happiness. If you can surround yourself with family members and friends whose company you…
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