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Each Friday we’ll begin each episode our new podcast “The Plan” with a discussion of the week’s general and financial news that could affect your financial plan. Then it’s a deeper discussion on a specific topic with Charles Stephen financial advisors and expert special guests.

Episode 7 | October 22, 2021: Becoming Your Parent’s Parent Just about the time that many people are finished raising their children, they face the momentous and often sudden responsibility of having to care for their aging parents. An accident or diagnosis, and everyone’s lives and roles change in an instant. Without proper planning, this phase of life can be hugely expensive, often eliminating life savings in just several years or even months. And the emotional costs can be just as steep. In this episode, we’ll explore the steps you can take to make this transition from child to caregiver smoother and less destructive to families and the nest eggs our parents worked so hard to create.

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Retirement is as much emotional and psychological as it is financial.

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