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Setting and Targeting Investment Goals

Aug 26, 2016
Go out into your yard and dig a big hole. Every month, throw $50 into it, but don’t take any money out until you’re ready…
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A Quick Look at the Presidential Cadidates’ Tax Proposals

Aug 22, 2016
Note: On August 8, 2016, Donald Trump announced a revised tax plan. Full details of the new plan were not immediately available on the campaign’s website.…
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Time Can Be a Strong Ally in Saving for Retirement

Aug 16, 2016
Why? When time teams up with the growth potential of compounding, the results can be powerful. Time and money can work together The premise behind…
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All About Credit Scores

Aug 10, 2016
The importance of having a good credit score Your credit score is based on your past and present credit transactions. Having a good credit score…
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Merging Money After Marriage

Jul 27, 2016
Getting married is exciting, but it brings many challenges. One such challenge that you and your spouse will have to face is how to merge…
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Interest Rates Fall Again on New Federal Student Loans for 2016/2017

Jul 20, 2016
Every year, thousands of students and their parents take out federal  student loans to help pay for college or graduate school. The interest rates on…
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Buying A Home!

Jul 14, 2016
How Much Can You Afford? According to a general rule of thumb, you can afford a house that costs two and a half times your…
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10 Years & Counting!

Jul 11, 2016
If you’re a decade or so away from retirement, you’ve probably spent at least some time thinking about this major life change. How will you…
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Life Insurance at Various Life Stages

Jun 27, 2016
Your need for life insurance changes as your life changes. When you’re young, you typically have less need for life insurance, but that changes as…
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