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In this time of market volatility, we are here for you.

Mar 12, 2020

It’s perfectly normal to be confused by what’s going on in the market today. Over the last two weeks the S&P 500 is down nearly 18% from its all-time high on Feb 19th. While we’ve witnessed an average annual intra-year drop of over 15%, we’re not accustomed to a drop happening so rapidly. As a reminder, every investor, every business, and every American is in the same boat right now. Concern is a natural response when the future is unknown, but we’re on your side-cautious, monitoring developments closely, and staying level-headed as we focus on your long-term goals and financial plan.

We can’t always control what’s happening in the global economy in any given year. Right now, the impact of an oil pricing war between Russia and Saudi Arabia is helping to stoke the uncertainty of the overall economic impact of COVID-19. Recent events have people feeling nervous, and we’re facing much we don’t understand or can control at the moment. In times like this it’s always prudent to focus on what we can control. Having a plan and staying the course will remain our top priority, and we will only make changes to portfolios when the financial plan changes. While most of our plans won’t change with this short-term volatility, external factors could prompt updates depending on your unique situation. Rest assured we will be proactive and make recommendations promptly when we feel it’s necessary.

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We’re here for many reasons, but first and foremost, the Charles Stephen team is here to help you understand and achieve your financial goals through uncertain times. In the meantime, if there are things that are concerning to you please reach out and allow us to help.
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