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What Women Shouldn’t Retire Without

Jun 11, 2018
When our parents retired, living to 75 amounted to a nice long life, and Social Security was often supplemented by a pension. The Social Security…
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The A, B, C, & D of Medicare

Jun 07, 2018
Parts A & B: Original Medicare. America created a national health insurance program for seniors in 1965 with two components. Part A is hospital insurance. It…
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Should Couples Combine Their Finances?

Jun 05, 2018
The first question is: how do you and your partner view money matters? If you feel it will be best to handle your bills and…
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Wealth Management with Memory Disorders

Jun 01, 2018
Besides impacting lives and relationships, dementia can also impact family finances. It may call for another family member to assume money management responsibilities for a…
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Managing Money Well as a Couple

May 29, 2018
When you marry or simply share a household with someone, your financial life changes – and your approach to managing your money may change as…
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Retirement Planning Weak Spots

May 16, 2018
Couples should recognize that they may face major medical expenses. Each year, Fidelity Investments estimates how much a pair of newly retired 65-year-olds will spend…
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Avoid These Life Insurance Missteps

May 09, 2018
Are you about to buy life insurance? Shop carefully. Make your choice with insight from an insurance professional – like Charles Stephen & Company, as…
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The Solo 401(k)

May 04, 2018
A solo 401(k) lets a self-employed individual set up a 401(k) plan combined with a profit-sharing plan. You can create one of these if you…
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Adjusting Your Portfolio as You Age

May 02, 2018
If you are an experienced investor, you have probably fine-tuned your portfolio through the years in response to market cycles or in pursuit of a…
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Financing A College Education

Apr 27, 2018
A university education can often require financing and assuming debt. If your student fills out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and does…
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