Business Ownership

Our business is helping yours succeed.

We help business owners zero in on the ownership issues that matter most.

What We Do

  • Suggest strategies for retaining key employees.
  • Identify and analyze “business killers.”
  • Outline options to help you sell your business or transition to passive ownership.
  • Ensure you have adequate insurance to meet your needs.
  • Evaluate existing life insurance plans and improve when necessary.
  • Teach you how to protect your business assets.
  • Recommend strategies to safeguard against disability or premature death.
  • Develop plans to help you accumulate wealth.
  • Plan for retirement.
  • Facilitate orderly estate distribution.

How We Do It

We begin by identifying your business goals and your current and potential challenges. This can be difficult for business owners to do on their own because they often spend more time working “in” the business than “on” the business. When this happens, seemingly simple decisions – such as the sale of the business or a move to passive ownership – can loom large. We help you identify these issues and create a step-by-step plan to address them.

Our Business Owner Planning Associates

  • Steve Ciepiela