• The best way to ensure your family's financial future is to plan for it.
  • Don't just build a retirement plan. Build a legacy.
  • My stock tip of the day is don't listen to stock tips of the day.
  • Retirement is a destination. If you want to get there, you need a guide.
We’re into the second season of our podcast! Season 2 of our weekly podcast started May 9, and we’ve had a whole slate of subjects we discussed through the summer from marriage to social security to the special concerns of women in financial planning. We hope you’ll listen! Episode 2.14: Advisors’ Roundtable: Our season 2 concludes with a roundtable of three Charles Stephen advisors: Kelly Famiglietta, Jonathan Stoner and Jeremy Aguilar. They discuss how COVID-19, the labor market, the war in Ukraine, and the upcoming midterm elections will all have an effect on how the market proceeds in the coming months.
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