• The best way to ensure your family's financial future is to plan for it.
  • Don't just build a retirement plan. Build a legacy.
  • My stock tip of the day is don't listen to stock tips of the day.
  • Retirement is a destination. If you want to get there, you need a guide.

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Each Friday we’ll begin each episode with a discussion of the week’s general and financial news that could affect your financial plan. Then it’s a deeper discussion on a specific topic with Charles Stephen financial advisors and expert special guests.

Episode 11: Preparing for Medicare  Medicare is an essential part of life for any American over 65. It saves many vulnerable seniors from being wiped out by escalating health costs. But it’s far from a perfect system. It’s complicated, and many new enrollees get the unpleasant surprise of the “donut hole”— the gap in coverage for medications that lies between Medicare’s regular limits and its catastrophic coverage threshold. This episode is for those Americans approaching 65 who have yet to go through Medicare initiation to prepare them for one of life’s major rites of passage.


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